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Introducing Resident Support Manager, Hawk Anderson!

Hi everybody! I’m Carina Samson, I-House’s Global Community Ambassador for the summer, as well as one of the 7th-floor RAs. I’m happy to introduce one of the new staff members here at I-House.

Hi, folks! My name is Hawk Anderson, I use he/they pronouns and I’m the Resident Support Manager for I-House.

So Hawk, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Yeah, of course! So I’m born and raised in California, specifically San Diego and so I give off a lot of beachy vibes as you can see with my hair. My background is in Sociology and Education, so I got my Bachelor’s at UC Riverside and my Master’s at NAU (Northern Arizona University). And I’ve been working for Cal students for almost 3 years now!

Awesome! So what does your role here at I-House particularly mean to you?

Yeah! So you’ll see me often because my office is right next to the library and I like to have my door open. Right above the door, it says “Resident Support Services,” so it’s essentially that—I offer services to all the residents when it comes to connecting to resources, maybe if you’re having some conflicts, or if you want to host your own event. You can reach out to me specifically and I can support you in putting together an event for the house!

Sounds good! So what’s your vision for I-House and resident life in the future?

You know, my goal is to help all of you feel comfortable engaging in conversations with each other, and feeling safe—this is your home, that’s why we call it “House.” You’ll notice that throughout the academic year, we will reference I-House as the “House.” And that’s my hope and goal: for you to feel like you have somebody to connect to when you feel like you need to be connected to resources if it is for mental health if it is for connecting to campus in some capacity—I’m your middle person for that. Just knowing that when it comes to your highs and lows, there’s somebody there for you to listen and have a listening ear, and also to feel like you have somebody on your floor who can support you. So I supervise the RAs (Resident Assistants)—they connect with me when it comes to putting on events, and also supporting all of you. So just knowing that there is a system put into place to be there for you throughout the year.

Thank you so much for your answer! And finally, what can residents look forward to in the next academic year here at I-House?

Oh my goodness. We are always doing something throughout the year. The first thing that you’ll see is that we’re going to be doing the retreat—your RAs will be there, I will be there and we’re going to have a lot of fun with that. We have signature events like Sunday Supper, but also all of your RAs will be putting on their own individual events. They will be putting on events that will take you to Oakland, to places within Berkeley, and to the city of San Francisco. And so look out for all the flyers that we have throughout the year, emails, messaging, to let you know what’s going on. Please, please, please check your emails because we have so many events going on throughout this academic year that will be hosted by a wide range of folks. But specifically the ones from your RAs—they’re meant to be a little more intimate and for you to have an opportunity to get out of the house and to be somewhere else. So look for those!

For sure! I’m so excited about all the events that we’re going to be having this year, and I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody as well, as one of your RAs. We have quite a lineup of events, so it’s going to be pretty exciting! And yeah, thank you so much for talking with me today. I was wondering if there was anything else you’d like to share or anything else that we missed.

I just want to reiterate that again, if you ever feel like you need support in any capacity in any area of your life, please, please, please feel free to let your RA know, and they’ll connect you to the right person—if it is me or somebody else in the house. There are plenty of people here who care about you, and I want to let you know that you’re not alone when it comes to anything that goes on throughout this year.

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Of course! Bye y’all!


Hawk’s bio:

Meet Hawk Anderson, your Resident Support Manager overseeing the RA team. Born and raised in the vibrant city of San Diego, California, Hawk’s passion for community support and advocacy began to take shape during their upbringing in this diverse environment. During their K-12 education, Hawk participated in a Spanish immersion program, where they engaged in a full immersion experience to learn the Spanish language and culture. Hawk pursued their academic journey with a Sociology bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Riverside. Building upon their passion for understanding human relationships and societal dynamics, they furthered their education with a master’s degree in Human Relations at Northern Arizona University. During their studies, Hawk also had the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture while studying abroad in Greece. There, they conducted research on queer activism and history, broadening their perspectives on global LGBTQIA+ issues.

For the past three years, Hawk has been devotedly serving the student community at UC Berkeley. Their commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality is evident through their various roles and achievements on campus. Hawk proudly served as the Chair for the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for the LGBTQIA+ community, championing the rights and well-being of queer staff, students, and faculty. Throughout their time at UC Berkeley, Hawk has taken on diverse leadership positions, including Resident Director at both Unit 1 and Unit 3, where they fostered a welcoming and inclusive living environment for all residents. Additionally, they have been an influential advisor for the Hall Association and UNITY, an organization that orchestrates the Annual Drag Show, a cherished event celebrating self-expression and acceptance.

Hawk’s advocacy extends beyond campus life, as they are a passionate advocate for public transportation, recognizing its role in promoting sustainable living and accessible mobility for all. Their dedication to queer and feminist theory reflects their commitment to creating spaces where individuals can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Should you seek a supportive resource, an engaging discussion on queer topics, or assistance in organizing events for your community, Hawk welcomes you to connect. Their empathetic and understanding nature make them a trusted ally for navigating difficult conversations and providing the support needed to thrive in today’s diverse and ever-changing world. Embrace the opportunity to engage with Hawk Anderson, an advocate for building bridges, fostering community, and empowering individuals to embrace their true selves.