Every Kind of People at Sunday Supper

February 11, 2015 Laurie Ferris

One of the oldest continuing International House traditions, Sunday Supper is a wonderful celebration of multicultural community and fellowship.  The February 8th Sunday Supper began with a video montage of images of resident experiences alongside the lyrics to Robert Palmer’s song “Every Kinda People.”


Resident Masters of Ceremonies, from left: Neel Patel (India), Saachi Makkar (USA), Maliha Bhola (USA/Pakistan) and Mustapha Khokhar (Pakistan).

The theme resonated throughout the evening with a rousing performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” the Black National Anthem, by guest singer Marguerite Hinrichs, Director of Student Life & Leadership Programs at Cal State East Bay.  Lyrics to the song were provided at each seat so attendees could sing along.



SideeSpeakingSidee Dlamini, one of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars currently living at I-House, expressed gratitude in her speech Accomplishments and Aspirations:
“‘It takes every kind of people,’ reminds me of the African proverb ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child.’ Whether you want to admit this or not, and whether you can relate to villages or not, this proverb still holds true.

This proverb speaks to human collaboration. It reminds each one of us that you are who you are because someone helped you at some point. Now, I have heard people say, ‘I don’t care what people think about me’ and some even say ‘I have worked hard to get myself to where I am today.’ I don’t deny that these statements might have an element of truth to them, but I do hope that we realize that some people’s opinions do matter. I hope that it took a combination of efforts to accomplish an individual goal – thus, it does take a whole village to raise a child.

My personal journey has been a combination of kind gestures from different people, and I must say, some of the most helpful hands were not from close friends and family. They were from the strangers such as those I have met here at I-House. I believe that I am always where I need to be and it is all by design.

Our paths here at the International House also follow this design. That person you always see in your hallway – and never say hello to – might be your boss one day, so I urge you to never stop making the effort to connect with people.

Over the winter break, I had the opportunity to interview some Cal alumni who lived here at I-House. Some have formed business partnerships together, and others have started families together. It took a group of people to create the environment for these relationships to form. I envision that my life will be different because I have connected with so many individuals through the programs office activities.  My gratitude goes to the donors, directors, staff, instructors and most importantly my fellow residents. None of this would matter if there were no residents to do it all for.

If any one of the links I have mentioned above were removed, my experience here would have been completely different. So, I implore you to remember that it takes every kind of people to achieve success, remember you need people to move to your next step, remember it takes a whole village to raise a child. Thank You!”


MasterCard Foundation Scholars, from left: Patricie Muvabi (Rwanda), Sidee Dlamini (Swaziland) and Gloria Kahamba (Tanzania)

“Many I-House residents enjoy getting dressed in their native cultural attire, while some choose to go semi-formal. Everyone looked gorgeous!” exclaimed Larnie Macasieb, Assistant to the Director of Programs.

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Photos by Doug McKechnie.

Sunday Supper

From left: Neha Sethi, Jorge Eliecer Cordoba Maquilon, Vishwanath Bulusu, Avantika Pathak. Photo by resident Romi Na.

The rich cultural tradition of Sunday Supper begins with a reception, followed by a buffet meal, a guest speaker and a variety show featuring talented I-House residents. See Program of Events.

The I-House Program Office organizes Sunday Suppers three times during the academic year: October, February and a farewell candlelight ceremony in April.

See our Facebook Page for more Sunday Supper photos.

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