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INTERNATIONAL HOUSE INTERCULTURAL TRAINING Why Intercultural Training? In an increasingly globalized world, cultural misunderstandings can harm more than business relationships: they affect morale, productivity, and revenue. In the conference call they sounded positive, so why didn't we get the contract? Headquarters said our offices should collaborate, but we can't seem to get on the same page. They said the meeting would start at 10:00am - that was half an hour ago. have to work with someone else. If they can't respect our time then we'll Sound familiar? Intercultural competency is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. People and teams that can navigate cultural differences with skill provide a competitive advantage. "There's way too little emphasis placed on understanding cultural difference in the business world. Studying business through a cultural lens is essential to developing a global enterprise today." - Ted Kuh, Former Managing Director & Head of Global Retail Group, Citigroup Benefits of Training • Strengthened communications between employees and with clients • A deeper appreciation of cultural values and beliefs that impact behavior – even your own! • More inclusive and productive work environments • Improved management of global teams " This was an absolutely fantastic workshop and very beneficial to multi- national and -cultural companies like us at Google. My time was also used well (no wasting time — I'm so American!)… I learned a lot." - Google Manager, May 2011 Custom Training Services International House's dedicated team of intercultural training consultants are eager to help you and your organization gain the knowledge and skills required for increased performance in an ever-changing, global economy. We are available to deliver custom, half-day to multiple-day workshops designed to help you: • Understand the cultural beliefs, values, norms and behaviors operating in multicultural environments • Build respectful and effective cross-cultural relationships with colleagues and customers • Improve global teamwork with practical advice for more successful face to face and virtual meetings • Exercise emotional intelligence in a multicultural setting • Enhance cross-cultural communication- including verbal and non-verbal cues "An appreciation for cultural diversity is a critical success factor in building effective working relationships. The intercultural business skills I-House teaches can be applied every day and are an invaluable asset to any professional." - Simon Lowes, Manager of Community Engagement Chevron Corporate Policy Government & Public Affairs Why I-House? International House at UC Berkeley has eighty years of expertise cultivating intercultural respect, leadership, and understanding. Over the last three years we have applied this experience to develop training and consulting services to build intercultural capacity among organizations and individuals. Contact I-House for Dates & Rates We are happy to provide dates of upcoming information sessions, and workshops open to the public or to arrange a complimentary consultation on customized training. Contact Breidi Truscott at 510.643.2806 or Additional info online at Breidi Truscott, M.A., Office of Intercultural Education & Training Breidi received her graduate degree in Intercultural Relations from the world- renowned School for International Training. A seasoned facilitator and trainer in non- profit, corporate, and university settings, Breidi has a broad range of expertise, including cultural adjustment and facilitating excellence in cross-cultural teams. Certified in Emotional Intelligence and Diversity instruction and in the Cultural Detective methodology she is also a fellow at the Institute for Intercultural Communication's annual summer institute (SIIC). Breidi is an appointed member of UC Berkeley's Multicultural Education Program Development Team through the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Society for Intercultural Education Training And Research (SIETAR).

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