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Private Sector Supporters Generosity from foundations and corporations are a critical source of IH student support. The Transformative Po Sometimes a helping hand when needed most can completely shift what is possibl know how meaningful such gifts can be. And in truth, many supporters of scholars tradition and the ways such generosity resonates through the worldwide communit Adrian Hao Yin Ü Gateway Fellowship We recognize the important ways I-House promotes scholarly and cultural exchange, which is at the core of the Norway House Foundation mission. Many Norwegians, including our own Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, have benefitted from the unique enriching environment I-House and UC Berkeley provide, and we are pleased to extend this opportunity to other Norwegian nationals. - Foundation President, Norwegian Consul General Sten Arne Rosnes The unique experience of living in I-House should be preserved for future scholars coming to Berkeley. - Kwei Sang Ü, (IH 1961-65) Kwei & Michele Ü with Chenghui Chenghui Yu (China), Physics I am very happy to know the Ü family and to begin experiencing all that UC Berkeley and International House have to offer. This scholarship is part of why I came to Cal. - Chenghui Yu NHF Scholarship recipient, Ida Sognnaes, says "Thank you!" in Norwegian An appreciation for cultural diversity is a critical success factor in building effective working relationships. The intercultural skills I-House teaches are an invaluable asset to any student or professional. Rafael Rodriguez Golden Age Scholarship My time in I-House was enormously rewarding. I was grateful then, and I am grateful now. To that end, I continue to contribute to the Golden Age/ Rafael Rodriguez scholarship. - Marion Ross (IH 40) Sebastian Peel (UK), History Nearly 250 contributors have shaped this graduate international student support fund Marion Ross with Sebastian My IH scholarships has allowed me to pursue doctoral studies in Japanese history at a world class institution. At I-House I live alongside Japanese students and those from more than 60 other countries – a once in a lifetime opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. - Sebastian Peel University Section Club Scholarship Chevron's Peter Robertson with Vish Bulusu (India), Civil and Environmental Engineering Thousands of students at Cal have received Section Club services and awards of need- based grants. We are proud of a long affiliation with I-House and delighted that scholars like Meng benefit from our shared aim to provide students a strong foundation for success. - Janice Lieu, Section Club President Meng Cai (China), Mechanical Engineering Meng Cai with Janice Lieu I appreciate and am very honored to have the opportunity to live at I-House, which would not have been possible without my scholarship. I truly enjoy the many conveniences and colorful social life, especially as I balance a heavy study load. - Meng Cai Arun & Rummi Sarin Scholarship MasterCard Scholars (see p. 1) & Foundation President Reeta Roy, who says: This program enables students to fully achieve their potential so that they can give back to Africa. 6 International House Times Rummi and I hope to give others the experiences we had at I-House – a global experience that fosters the kinds of relationships and world understanding that have profoundly shaped the people we are today. - Arun Sarin Arun & Rummi Sarin Pulkit Agrawal (India), Computer Science Pulkit Agrawal Living at I-House has been an amazing cultural and intellectual experience. Life at I-House exemplifies the candid imagination of a global village and living here is not only exciting, but also enriching both personally and professionally! I thank the Sarins for all that they and I-House have made possible. - Pulkit Agrawal Read more about our remarkable residents, notable alumni, sc

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