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Residents Conduct Peace Projects Worldwide For the fifth year in a row, a generous grant from IH New York alumna Kathryn Wasserman Davis has provided $10,000 grants to Berkeley I-House residents as part of a broader $1M gift to 100 students implementing "Peace Projects" of their own design around the world. The 2012 Peace Project grant recipients below shared their experiences at this fall's Sunday Supper. Light From Below Residents: Oscar Díaz and Nestor Moreno Project Country: Panama Summary: Earth energy is a technology that produces electrical energy from the change in the rate of chemical reactions produced by microorganisms that can be found in soil, mud, and decomposed organic material. Light from Below takes this existing technology to the undeveloped areas in Panama in order to create Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Lamps, allowing for many activities after sundown and improved community safety. The project received recognition by "Big Ideas@Berkeley" under the Global Poverty Alleviation category. In Their Own Words: It is a significant realization that I can now be a catalyst to improve the lives of hundreds of people. Their suffering and happiness truly resonates with me. - Oscar Díaz It was very emotional having a whole classroom full of kids using their new lamps. It thrilled me knowing that their academic activities will not end at sunset anymore, promising a brighter future. - Nestor Moreno Finding "Common Ground" Israel/Palestine Resident: Dr. Dana Douglas DePietro Project Country: Israel Summary: Archaeological fieldwork provides a unique opportunity for meaningful dialogue in Israel/Palestine because of the often-contentious position it occupies in the socio-political arena. Our goals were to promote dialogue and under- standing between Palestinian and Israeli youth through a collective exploration of shared cultural heritage in an archaeological setting. In Their Own Words: Thanks to the Davis foundation, we were able to build solid ties with other joint Israeli and Palestinian peace projects, universities and governmental institutions. These efforts bore considerable fruit, with new partnerships established between SHARE and Al Quds University, Hebrew University, the excavations at the UNESCO world heritage site of Akko, the International Conservation Center, and the Oxford Ashmolean Museum. More details at: Cultivating the Seeds of Leadership Among Mayan Youth Residents: Catalina Saldivia and German Macias Project Country: Guatemala Summary: The aim of this project is to provide a series of trainings that will empower Mayan youth ages 16-22 to form a student-led community development association by creating sustainable, youth-initiated agriculture projects. In Their Own Words: We are thankful for the opportunity to make a change in the world. It might have been a small change but it had a great impact on the students and their families. However, the greatest impact occurred within us when we saw that these students, despite the adverse circumstances, their daily environment, and their past, made an effort to build peace within their communities while struggling to obtain an education, and working to help support their families. - German Macias The Space Shuttle Endeavor, strapped to a 747, was spotted over the Cal campus on Sept. 21 on its way south to be displayed in the California Science Center in LA. Dr. Sebastian Werner (IH 2010) captured this photo from the Lawrence Hall of Science and wrote "it was pretty much at eye level...really close." You never know what you'll see around I-House! For more fun photos or to share yours, visit: International House Times 5 Spotted "Above The Dome!" On June 5, 2012, residents had the opportunity to see the transit of Venus eclipsing the sun on the front steps of I-House. IH resident Daniel Hogan (below, right) centered his telescope for the perfect view and stated "an eclipse like this won't happen again for 105 years!" What's that in the sky? A bird? A plane?...Pi? Five airplanes generated 1,000 digits of the number ∏ to the surprise and delight of many who saw "Pi in the sky" above the UC Berkeley campus. Full story at:

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