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News & Notes 1940s who resides in Mexico. "I am glad I had the experience of living there during the 'Golden Years'" said Haakh. Gilbert Haakh shared a meal and memories of I-House with Alumni Relations Director Shanti Corrigan in June, 2012. Gil, a retired attorney based in Pasadena who maintains a private office and a modest pro-bono practice, shares an I-House affiliation with his sister Phyllis Duffy (IH 1948), Edward W. Harbert recalls "In 1943, student John Sproul was my basketball court friend. Visiting him and his brilliant father, Robert Gordon Sproul, I reported that we of the UC NROTC brigade were moving into the International House after going on Active Duty July 1, 1943. 'Ah, the famous I-House!' President Sproul replied. 'Where they neither eat nor sleep alone.'" 1950s Mason Gaffney recently returned from presenting a paper titled Europe's Fatal Affair with VAT at the Annual Meeting of the History of Economics Society held in St. Catherine's, Ontario on June 21, 2012. In the paper, he discusses: "Why did international capital rush to the USA right after S&P lowered our nation's credit rating a year ago? With all our many and undeniable faults, we must be doing something right, or at least less wrong than other nations. I am not breast-beating about 'American Exceptionalism,' for I am a harsh critic of our nation's faults, and of those politicians who seek votes by faulting the faulters. I build a thesis around a simple answer: The USA is the only major nation lacking a national-level sales tax (or VAT). At the same time we raise a much higher fraction of our revenues (combined national, state, and local) from taxes on property and income from property." He welcomes any thoughts on the subject. 1960s Marna Feldt writes, "My answer to this question is always the same. The impact of I-House on my life is: 1. Lifelong respect for the Warricks, 2. Lifelong friendships, and 3. Lifelong learning reunion with I-House friends Graeme Orr, Louis Drouot and Alan Patterson in France where they took in an art exhibition and shared great food, wine and memories. Bob Budic with his wife Ellie, had a joyful Tom Sloss writes, "I gravitated to I-House...fascinated (by) a fresh understanding of a far wider world. ... A half century later, I smile... I have been married for 45 years to my wife, Mayuree, from Thailand whom I would never have met without that spark of curiosity and engagement that was kindled at I-House. I say sail on, you ship of many states, and continue to welcome young people from around the world and be a window, for all Cal students, to their many engaging ideas and cultures." Bonnie Wilson visited with Shanti Corrigan in La Jolla, CA in June, 2012 and chatted about years at I-House where she met her late husband Allan, and the intervening years where she has been a regular participant in Elderhostel (now Road Scholar) programs. "I-House is a place where once you are connected you never stop learning from the people you meet and the experiences it makes possible." 1970s Marcel E. Maris writes, "Dear friends, I wish you all the best for the future. I was a resident of I-House for about one year in September 1970 and was pleased with my stay, with the contacts, with other residents and so on. Unfortunately, I cannot visit you regularly, living at the other side of the Atlantic." 1980s Patrice Larson Aumann writes, "I still recall very, very fondly my two years living at I-House. I received an MS in civil engineering in Dec. '83, but eventually became a kitchen designer and then a landscape designer. I currently live in Thousand Oaks, CA and have two beautiful children, ages 11 and 12. I'd love to hear from my friends from my time at I-House!" Eric M. Gross met his wife at I-House and moved to Japan with her to work for Toshiba for several years as an engineer. Sridhar Jagannathan earned his doctorate in engineering at UC Berkeley from 1980-85. He is the author of a Kindle book called The Cyber Mafia, which features Berkeley, I-House and Cal. Interested alumni can find the book on Hitesh Mehta is the author of Authentic Ecolodges among other titles. He is one of the world's leading authorities, practitioners, and researchers on ecotourism physical planning. Hitesh is president of Florida-based HM Design and has provided environmental planning and landscape architectural consultancy in over fifty countries around the world. He was named one of the top "Sustainable Tourism Pioneers" in the world by National Geographic Adventure, and one of the "Twenty-five Most Powerful People in Adventure" by Men's Journal. He is the longest serving board member of The International Ecotourism Society and is one of the founding members of The Ecotourism Society of Kenya. JP Pressley (left) spent part of the so many great times….it's good to be back!" reported JP, currently a Vice President for Employee Benefits at USI Insurance Services. summer with former roommate Mark Jenkins as they attended Olympic events in London. Later, returning to the JP's home base in Concord when Mark had a stopover before heading home to Australia they took time to visit I-House and reminisce over a cold beer in the IH Café. "This place was home to International House Times 15

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