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Tribute and Memorial Gifts The name of the honoree is listed in bold followed by the names of the donors. Gifts In Honor Of Marvin Baron W. Sheridan & Elizabeth F. Warrick Dorothy & Vernon Bengal Dr. Valerie Bengal Martin Brennan J. D. Bonney Vangie & Bill Buell Chevron Corporation Mark & Mona Couchman Diane Dwyer Atef Eltoukhy jamy O'Banion & Charles Faulhaber Martha Hertelendy & Family John Hirsh Simon Lowes Joseph Lurie & Donna Rosenthal Maura Mack Drs. Andrei Manoliu & Marie-Anne Neimat Richard & Carolyn Palmer jay & Carolyn Paxton Candy & Peter Robertson John & Judy Sears Garret Gruener & Amy Slater Ambassador Kenneth Taylor & Dr. Patricia Taylor Ambassador Irving Tragen Kwei & Michele Ü Eugene & Candace yano A. Elliott Castello Helen Betts Hurley & Thelma Couchman Mark & Mona Couchman Joan A. Jenkins Sarah Muren Bethann M. Johnson Bonnie Wilson, Esq. Egon von Kaschnitz Professor Alexander & Eva Glazer Susan Klee T. Dixon Long Robert C. Landwehr Dr. Marion Ross Joseph Lurie Eva Low Chan Constance Fraser Ralph Oltman Leland & Kristine Nelson Peterson Josiane Siegfried Joseph Lurie & Donna Rosenthal W. Sheridan Warrick Martin & Giovanna Brennan Shanti & Seth Corrigan Marna Feldt Susan Klee & David Stoloff Hugo & Elfi Tarazona Gifts In Memory Of Ward R. Anderson W. Sheridan & Elizabeth F. Warrick Elizabeth Bacon Professor William & Eleanor Bade Grace Ball Albert Ball Rose E. Bird Professor Arthur & Kari Stonehill Allen C. Blaisdell Dr. Abdel-Kader & Maria Abbadi Adeline K. Cassettari Francesca M. Hayes Jesus Christ Dr. Andrew Harrell Charles L. Clapp john D. & Elizabeth Taylor Edith S. Coliver Susan Coliver Irene Dvornikoff Bootie Charon Henry Evers Rebecca E. Hayden Barbara Greenberg Forrest M. Greenberg Frederick A. Hagar Dr. Marion Ross Cathleen Trechter Roger Hahn Audrey Richards Richard G. Heggie Wilma Horwitz Joseph Lurie & Donna Rosenthal W. Sheridan & Elizabeth F. Warrick Nancy K. Hildenbrand Dr. Donald Hildenbrand Ellen Hisdal Grace Thompson Altus Florinda F. Huang Wilmer Fong Benjamin S. Kahn Arnold & Barbara A. Bloom Louise Kaufman W. Sheridan & Elizabeth F. Warrick Philip N. Knorr Amy Jean Knorr Sheldon J. Korchin Joseph Lurie & Donna Rosenthal Richard M. Lessler Dr. William & Joy Hicks Barbara Lynch Philip Kummer & Cynthia A. Weeks-Kummer The gifts above were gratefully received and recorded between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Help I-House Honor Departed Members of Our Community I-House invites messages, photos and personal artifacts to memorialize alumni and friends no longer with us. A Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar in the Great Hall will be assembled with residents at the conclusion of October 2012 and reprise a similar memorial from 2011, pictured at left, inspired by residents from Mexico. The theme of celebrating death as part of life is an ancient tradition with Aztec roots and relates to similar celebrations in Brazil, Spain, Asian and African cultures. If you would like to participate in our 2012 altar creation at I-House or have staff include the name and/or photo of a loved one in next year's celebration, email Donald H. McCrea Molly McCrea William Mintline Michael J. Mintline William G. O'Regan Marian O'Regan Henry I. Prien Betty Ann Prien Sandra Sackman Joan A. & David Jenkins Elizabeth Kanowitz Lottie Salz Klaus Netter Victor Shick Marian O'Regan Dorothy H. Smith Marian O'Regan Herbert B. Smith Dr. Richard Wheeler Robert K. Soost Anonymous Arthur V. Strock Hallie Strock James N. Tate Patricia T. Miller Allan N. Wilson Bonnie Wilson, Esq. Dr. David Woolf Laura & Mary Woolf Chiyoko Y. Yano Professor William & Eleanor Bade Byron L. Youtz Bernice Livingston Youtz 12 International House Times

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