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18 International House Times In Memory 1950s Robert H. Feinberg March 19, 2016 Robert was born in Chicago and earned a B.S. at Northwestern before coming to UC Berkeley for a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He worked in Oklahoma and at Vanderbilt, before teaching biochemistry at the University of Tennessee Knoxville for many years. Retirement gave him the time he needed to pursue his love of art and history. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Ruth Feinberg; his sister, Helene Pier; his daughter, Susan Feinberg; his daughter-in-law, Cindy Feinberg; and his grandchildren, Neil, Pete, and Sasha Feinberg. Marcia Tillson Gedanken April 21, 2016 Marcia was Class of 1939 at the University of Rochester, and received her M.A. in Social Work from UC Berkeley. At Cal, Marcia met her husband, Bernard, who was getting his master's degree in mathematics. She had a career in child welfare, foster care, and international adoptions. By the time she retired, Marcia was Assistant Chief of the State of California Independent and Inter-country Adoption Bureau; and she had completed editing the first department publication on Inter-country Adoption. Marcia's years at I-House, 1947-48 and 1951-52, led her to underwrite the construction of an I-House ski lodge at Lake Tahoe. Not that she could ski: she wanted a place away from academic life to gather with friends. e lodge was later incorporated into the UC family camp, Lair of the Bear. Joy Wade Moulton June 30, 2016 Joy graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Physical Education after being active in many aspects of campus life. She subsequently got an M.S. in Physical Education at Wellesley. In 1973, her interest in genealogy became professional, and she published books, wrote a regular column, and lectured. She taught courses on the topic at Ohio State and elsewhere. e 120th General Assembly of the Ohio House of Representatives recognized Joy for her many contributions to the field of genealogy with a Special Citation in 1983. Her genealogical collection of nearly 1,000 volumes was donated to the State Library of Ohio, and has been transferred to the Columbus Public Library. 1960s Ione Marie Minore July 24, 2015 Ione Marie Minore, born in Muenster, Saskatchewan, began studying the piano at a very young age, and music became a life-long passion. After a year in Vienna and several years back in Canada, she made it to UC Berkeley, studying musicology, and living at I-House. ere she met Don Minore, also a graduate student. When their degrees were in hand, they moved to Corvallis, OR. Ione played the organ at St. Mary's church, went to concerts, and the family took trips to the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Don and their children, Anna and Tim, are still in Corvallis. Friends Delia Fleishhacker Ehrlich July 31, 2016 Delia Fleishhacker Ehrlich was a fourth generation San Franciscan who continued her family's tradition of contributing to the cultural life of the city. Her grandfather, Herbert Fleishhaker, was the first treasurer of I-House. Delia was the eldest child of Mortimer Fleishhacker, Jr. and Janet Choynski, who both served on the I-House Board of Directors. Delia spoke at the Gala in 1995 when the Fleishhakers and Fleishhaker Family Foundation were honored. Delia's brother David was a former resident and board member, playing a key role as one of the leaders of the 75th Anniversary campaign. Erwin Louis Hahn September 20, 2016 Erwin received his Ph.D. in 1949 at the University of Illinois. During a post-doc there, he made his seminal discovery of spin echoes, leading to the development of MRI/Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which changed the world of medical diagnostics. From Illinois, he went to Stanford, the IBM Watson Lab in New York, and the Columbia Physics Department. In 1955 he became an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, in 1961 a full Professor, and finally Professor Emeritus in 1991. Erwin's colleagues and the wider scientific community, will remember him as a brilliant scientist and a gregarious personality with an extraordinary sense of humor.

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