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O ver nearly nine decades, the impact of the International House movement has been, and continues to be, extraordinary on so many individuals choosing to live in this remarkable place. However, the nature of the experience tends to morph over time as technology advances and people's interests evolve to keep up with societal trends and global norms. Accordingly, the I-House experience needs to be recalibrated regularly to respond effectively to worldwide changes in order to keep its focus relevant for 21st century global citizens. We are seeking to develop new initiatives that will connect current I-House residents, our alumni around the world, and affiliated organizations through various projects targeted at providing proactive solutions to issues with an overarching humanitarian global impact. rough the establishment of such dedicated activities where social and economic improvement concepts can be reviewed, analyzed, and implemented, an I-House "idea incubator" or launchpad will turn these concepts into actual programs that can be realized by cross-pollinated teams of I-House residents and alumni in various sites around the world. Problems such as the refugee crisis in Europe—spawned by civil wars and the resulting economic and social chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria—will be confronted by a connected community of individuals from around the world. Projects will link together organizations with common histories and missions in an initiative that draws out the talent and passion of participants with a view toward instigating social change, while also raising the profile of the International House movement. As this happens, we can start to measure the true impact of the I-House experience. We know for certain that an I-House residency has extraordinary effects on many individuals' lifetime relationships, but can it also be more than that? Our review indicates that many societal improvement initiatives have emanated from ideas generated at International House Berkeley and other I-Houses around the world. e big question is, how can we use these ideas as springboards or pole vaults for even more expansive societal improvement projects? Our intent is to take the intelligence and feedback gleaned from the projects that have already been initiated and continually assess what works best and has positive benefits on the overall quality of life around the world. As we undertake such assessments, we will be more able to guide our current residents and alumni into activities that are making a real difference in various settings where the needs are most obvious. One such initiative came out of the Davis Project for Peace grant in Ghana during summer 2014. is is the Recycle Up! Ghana project that was started by Torben Fischer and Manuel Schulze after their I-House residency in 2013-14. is project has continued well past its implementation in 2014 and now involves some 40 to 50 individuals who have committed their time to working on recycling efforts in Ghana every summer. is kind of commitment garnered the project a Google Impact Challenge Award for 2015-16 and has raised $50,000 more to keep the dream of this initiative alive. Read more on page 9. is is but one example of a number of such initiatives spawned at International House Berkeley that have continued to serve as levers for improving the quality of life around the globe. We are constantly looking for more initiatives so that we can continually assess and improve the launchpad which I-House has become. n 2 International House Times Executive Director's Message Hans C. Giesecke, Executive Director Recalibrating the International House Experience Through Impact Assessment IN THIS ISSUE 85 Stories for 85 Years to Stories of Life Under the Dome PG 4 Global Gatherings PG 7 New Professional Internship Program PG 8 Davis Projects for Peace: The Lasting Impact PG 9 Making a World of Difference PG 10 Back to Berkeley PG 12 Alumni News & Notes PG 14 In Memory PG 17

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